Grüngard Smart Watering System

Grüngard is a candidate to replace your old irrigation controller. Ease of installation without the need for professional support. Just remove the cables from your old device and attach them to Grüngard.

With its free mobile app, you can access your garden irrigation system on the go. Start watering your garden immediately or add unlimited watering plans and users with just one click. Be in control of your garden from the comfort of your seat using functions such as postpone, stop or cancel.

Grüngard cancels irrigation on rainy days thanks to its advanced weather tracking functionality. On warmer days, however, it will irrigate more to ensure your plants are getting sufficent amount of water. At the end of the day, you use just as much water as your garden needs.

Determine your model according to your number of regions.


Grüngard Smart Watering System – 8 Regions
Grüngard Smart Watering System – 4 Regions

60 Days Unconditional Returns

If you change your mind, you can return working products within 60 days of invoice date.​

2 Year Warranty

Grüngard comes with a 2-year Thingtells warranty against all kinds of malfunctions that may arise from production and design.

Safe Shopping

Purchase safely with SSL Security Certificate and 3D Secure services.

Fast Delivery

If you don’t like to wait, don’t worry; Orders placed before 14:00 on weekdays will be shipped the same day.

Always connected

Whether you’re online, you can stay connected to your garden through Grüngard 24/7.

Easy Installation

Grüngard is easy to set up and use. You can easily set up the system by yourself or with your gardener. And it is 100% compatible with all types and brands of watering systems. Grüngard is 100% compatible with all brand and model irrigation systems.

Smart Weather Tracking

By using your Wi-Fi connection, Grüngard keeps an eye on the weather forecast. Grüngard gathers information from hundreds of different weather channels and updates your watering schedule according to the weather data.

Tells With His Eyes

Thanks to Grüngard’s colorful eyes, you will be able to understand the connection status quickly, the watering phase, and many more. To summarize, it’s all hidden in its eyes!

Does His Job WholeHeartedly

Grüngard does his job wholeheartedly to connect with your garden. It is a watering assistant that works continuously with the words 'happy users, happy gardens' at the deepest of its codes.

High Processor Power

Designed to work under any circumstances, Grüngard is made by using the latest technology and can easily and quickly process data. It’s able to take care of your garden without any interruptions.

Irrigation with smart phone

Sit back, relax and water your garden wherever you are

With its advanced mobile app and Wi-Fi feature control your garden remotely. Let Grüngard take care of it. You can just observe, collect information and manage.

Grungard smart weather forecast chart

Save water with smart weather tracking

We must mind our water consumption for our future. With its smart weather tracking technology, Grüngard prevents unnecessary water consumption. It helps you to use just as much water as your garden needs and save water.

Grungard app prototype image

Be in Control of Your Garden

It’s easy to plan your garden irrigation with Grüngard. Receive real-time information on the status and review archived irrigation information. Modify unlimited number of plans with just one click, and manage your watering plans using the mobile app.

Share with your family or your gardener

The advanced technology of Grüngard makes it easy to provide access to anyone you choose. Put your family, your neighbor or your gardener in charge of irrigation management of your garden. Authorize them and track their progress.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Grüngard is designed with satisfied users and happy gardens in mind. 60-day no questions asked return policy for any product purchased through our system.

Grüngard Comparison Chart

Old Devices

Grüngard Electric-Powered System

Grungard 9V System

Irrigation up to 8 areas

Unlimited Schedules

Smart weather tracking

Smart watering system integrated to weather forecast

Remote irrigation management

Full control via mobile app

Push notifications and reports

Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection

24V electrovalve controls

9V valve controls

Easy Installation in 10 Min

As it is compatible with all Grüngard irrigation systems,
you can easily install it yourself and authorize your gardener to use it.

Change your outdated controller

Take a photo of the cable inlets of your old setup Dismantle your old controller and replace it with Grüngard.

Connect cables to Grüngard

Grüngard is designed for easy of installation, connect the cables respectively as shown in the picture.

Install Grüngard mobile app

Download Grüngard app to your mobile device and complete the installation. You and anyone atuthorized by you will start using Grüngard at no time.


Outdoor Box

In order to use Grüngard in wet and humid settings, you can purchase an outdoor box which offers superior protection thanks to its IP67 rating. Suitable for wall mounting.


Rain Sensor

In addition to Grüngard’s online smart weather tracking feature, you can use the rain sensor compatible with Grüngard. Ideal for regions where weather stations are insufficient or for areas with no wireless signal.


Wi-Fi Extender

If you are considering to install where your mobile phone cannot connect to wi-fi, you can boost the internet coverage in your garden with a wi-fi extender to avoid connection problems with Grüngard.



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